Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tokyo - Post #2

Day 4 and 5 of Tokyo we spent at Disney. Tokyo has 2 parks, and one is called Disney Sea and one is Disney Land.

Day 4:

Our first day at Disney we went over to Disney Sea. That day was fun/miserable. It rained for the first half of the day and was seriously miserably cold. Apparently it snowed in other parts of Tokyo. I pretty much had to buy out the park of Disney gear just to keep warm. My first purchase was the Minnie mouse ear and neck warmers. Below is a picture of Ally and me with our new items.

I then had to buy some thicker socks and a sweatshirt. Plus that morning I bought a poncho and about 8 hand warmers to put all over my body. We got to ride 4 rides that day: Indiana Jones, Sinbad, Journey to the Center of the Earth, and one I can’t remember. Journey to the Center of the Earth was funny because a) no Japanese people would sit in our car (weirdos) b) we faked screamed the entire ride c) we didn’t know there was a huge drop and then we screamed for real). We also went to like 8 shows. All were hilarious because they were in Japanese and it was just funny for some reason.

Disney Sea had the best restaurant EVER! We ate at this Mexican food place called Miguel’s and they had the best soft tacos! Below is a picture of my meal after I ate it…. There are 3 forks there because they thought my meal was for 3. I seriously did not get that much either - 2 soft tacos and tortillas.

Day 5:

Disney Land: The weather was much nicer this day but the night was freezing. I managed to get a little sun burnt on my face during the parade. We only got to ride one ride this day because it was seriously jam-packed with people. We spent much more time walking around, seeing the sites, eating the food, and shopping. We went to a few shows and ran into two of our Japanese co-workers at one of them.

So this next part really includes both parks. Japanese people LOVE Disney! It is crazy!! You can’t go one foot without seeing 800 people in Disney gear. I have a picture below of a middle-aged man in a huge Disney Hat. I mean everyone is decked out! It is just crazy. I bought this huge puffy bow to wear because everyone had one and they were hilarious. Ally bought a clip in crown (picture below). Also, popcorn is like a big deal there. I mean there were lines of like 75 people to get popcorn and it was like that the entire day. Grossest popcorn flavor of the day: Soy Sauce and Butter or maybe Curry.

Middle aged man in a crazy disney hat.


Ok so Disney Sea sells this teddy bear called Duffy. We haven’t figured out what it is since they don’t have it in America but it is a HUGE deal. You can’t walk past five people without seeing a few Duffies in there. It is really weird. Babies with Duffy? Check. Old men with Duffy? Check. Teenage boys and girls with Duffy? Check check. Business men with Duffy? Check. Couples with matching Duffies? Check. You get the idea. I just don’t get it. You seriously see them so much that you start wanting one bad! So…. Then Ally bought one J. Below you can see a few pictures of Duffy around the park and hanging out with us. There were no Duffies for sell at Disney land but that didn’t stop people from bringing their Duffy with them. People would pose their Duffy as if it was a child with different things around the park… so we did it too hahaha.

Duffy flying in front of the castle.

Duffy eating popcorn.

Only three Duffy items per person please.

Couple with Duffy.


JENNY said...

SO MANY hilarious things in this post. I couldn't stop laughing while reading it. I'm looking at that couple with Duffy and still laughing. hahaha!

Love your bow and Ally's clip-on crown. You both would. And, I can't forget to comment on your ear and neck warmers. lol.

Chris and I put soy sauce on our popcorn and it's really, really us at least.

Miss you tons!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you would make fun of that man with his disney gear while wearing your Minnie Mouse ear and neck warmer. Sounds a bit hypocritical to me. :)
Love you,

Topher said...

That is so weird! My dad carries a Duffy around all day. It must be in his blood.