Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Kids ROCK!!!

Here are the top 10 reasons why I love my class:

*in no particular order

1) Tammy and Kevin were holding hands for the entire 40 minutes of first English circle one time. They kept looking at each other and smiling. I could not help it I kept laughing and all my kids were like, "Ms. Melanie, why laugh?" It was so cute!!

2) They are seriously the cutest little 5 year olds I've ever seen. The other day we had "Fun with Mr. Jonathan". It is basically a time where they play with one of the male teachers from Friend's Club. They all had to change in to gym shorts and tuck their polos in. Now, if it wasn't the cutest/dorkiest thing I've ever seen then I don't know what is. Just imagine tiny little 5 year olds in tight gray shorts pulled up way past the belly button with a white polo tucked in and their class cap on. The class cap is basically a baseball hat but it has a strap under the chin and most of them keep the bill flipped up. Hilarious looking!

3) Whoever I sit by at lunch cheers because I'm sitting by them. Now that just makes ya feel good about yourself. haha

4) They think I smell good, run fast, push the highest on the swing, sing good, I'm funny, and they like my clothes (ha!). Everyone should be a kindergarten teacher.

5) They love Michael Jackson! Today I had my Michael Jackson mix on during lunch and all the kids were like, "Ms. Melanie - Michael Jackson? I like him." One of the students said, "Ms. Melanie! Billy Jean! I love this song!"

6) One my girls, Leslie, always will look at me and say, "Leslie likes Ms. Melanie!!" hahaha. Another of my girls will look at me randomly and say, "I love you Ms. Melanie". They are so cute!

7) The other day I happened to have my phone in my back pocket because I forgot to wear my watch for playtime. One of the kids decided to karate chop me in the butt and he realized my phone was back there. All of sudden like 6 of the boys are screaming, "oooohhh Ms. Melanie phone... in pocket!!" So they were all trying to touch it but I was blocking them. Then Kevin ran up and put his finger in my pocket, held up his finger and ran around screaming, "I touched it, I touched the phone!!!" It was pretty much the coolest day of his life.

8) A couple of days ago one of my little boys came in to the class and said, "Ms. Melanie, mother's underwear is gold today."

9) Apparently I say the phrase, "Oh My!" a lot here. All my kids are saying it to me about everything lately and it is so funny how they pick up on your mannerisms and start copying them. They will drop something on the floor and say, "Oh My Ms. Melanie!" Funny!!

10) Today was crazy hair day and the kids were so into it! You know how I love to dress up and get into to things like this so I love that they love it too!

I'm not supposed to put pictures of my class on my blog but I'll do it just this once so enjoy it while you can :). Yes I have 11 balloons in my hair in this picture!

Golden Week

Ok, So Golden week is 4 different national holidays that all fall on the same week. This year I had Thursday off, worked Friday, then had Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off. We decided to stay in Sendai since we didn't really get a chance to get our plans going. Here's what we did!

Thursday: We were supposed to have a faculty picnic on Thursday but it got rained out so instead I slept in, cleaned, read, and then Ally and I went Bowing with Rumi, her husband, Shoko, and her friend!!!

Me and Shoko bowling!

Group photo!

Photo booth picture! Love them!!

I don't really remember what day this was on so I just stuck it in the middle. I bought a couch!! My butt has seriously been hurting since I got here. There is nothing soft to sit on in my apartment so I went out and found the cheapest couch I could find without being completely disgusting. I went to this place called Hard Off that has used furniture and ended up with this. It was kind of awkward buying it bc I didn't know if I should try to carry it to the front or what to do since I can't speak Japanese. I finally communicated that I wanted the couch and then two boys went to get it. I pulled the car up to the front and then we couldn't figure out how to get the seats down. So the workers had to do it and it took them like 20 minutes. haha!
Sunday: We went to Downtown Sendai and Shopped the entire day. I didn't get too much on this day. Me, Ally, and Hope ate at TIROL (one of my new favorite italian food places). The we met up with Shoko and Laura for Dinner at Namiskar which is an indian food place (Delicious). Then of course...took more sticker photos! In case you were wondering the vacations was mainly focused around food...
Naturally, we then took some more photo booth pictures. We pretty much do this every time we see a booth because they are soooo funny here. This was on the outside of our booth... "For all cute, sexy and beautiful girls. Girly Girly". Since that is so obviously us we chose that booth.
Monday: We went back downtown (Ate at a new italian food restaurant). I bought a lot on this day, mainly room stuff and oh ya cell phone charms!! Cell phone charms are a big deal here so naturally I had to go all out! Not one... but 4 charms for me please. See that care bear? That's a charm!! I was in a pink mood that day. For dinner we ate at yet another italian food restaurant. They are everywhere here. We don't eat Japanese food when we are on vacation. Oh and I also bought a blanket/summer bedspread from this Indian store and it is super cute!

And then Ally and I found a Texas license plate.
Tuesday: Today was Ally's birthday. We were going to go to the park on this day but it was cloudy, so instead I slept in and cleaned/relaxed! We went downtown for dinner at a Mexican food place called Casa. It was sooooo good! I think I miss Mexican food. I plan on eating there every time i'm downtown. The we of course made more sticker photos. It seriously never gets old!

Wednesday: Just a day of relaxing, grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning, and getting a little bit of work done.

Golden Week=Success

This weekend we had a Cinco de Mayo celebration. Naturally Kelsey and I decided to dress as Mexican as possible. Here you can really only see our lips but that pretty much says enough... brown lip liner and goldish lip stick? I think so! I had on a Mexican shirt and Kelsey was gangsta mexican with her sweatpants down low, pockets pulled out, and high tops. We rocked the party. We also did the macarena. If you want to have a fun Cinco de Mayo next year... you know who to call.