Monday, March 8, 2010

My Weekend

It all started with a make over: Sooooo, Friday Night I was hanging out with Ally and Kelsey at my apartment and it was getting later and later and Ally kept getting up to leave and of course we kept convincing her to stay. She has to work on Saturday mornings so this will probably happen a lot. Ally kept saying that she had to shower so of course I convinced her to shower then come back over so I could do a make over on her. We then of course took some progression pictures (enjoy below). Then Kelsey and I went over to Ally's that morning and did her make up and picked out her clothes. Make overs are awesome!

So on Saturday we went over to Maruyama to learn from one of the Japanese Teachers how to make Miso Soup. Once we got there we walked over to the store and bought the supplies then made it at the Maruyama Kitchen. After that we went over to one of the old teachers house who was giving away some of their stuff. Don't worry I got a Christmas Tree!!! I also got a lot of other great stuff but that was definitely the greatest! The night was pretty relaxed after that. A few of us girls went over to Tapio, a mall near us, and just shopped around and ate crepes. After that I came home at about 10 and watched a movie and went to bed.

Sunday we went to Kame House again and we met up with some of the Maruyama girls and Shoko!!! Shoko is a hilarious girl that works in the office at the Maruyama campus. After that we shopped a little and went downtown....I bought a lot of really fun things! I bought three cardigans, a shirt, a skirt, a graduation gift for Cara, and some other random stuff. Jessica bought a K-Pop (Korean Pop) cd, and she described the lead singer as "Delicious" lol, he was wearing blue lipstick in the pictures (just like Joey from Friends in the Japanese commercial...hahahahaha). After that we went home because it was about 9 and we have to work in the morning. It was a very eventful weekend for us!

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4

Final Phase!

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JENNY said...

LOVE the pictures of Ally. That first one is hilarious. haha.

And, I'm so excited you got a Christmas Tree!! Yippee.

Did you buy my birthday present this weekend? Just wondering.