Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Cabin

So, this past weekend all the new teachers and a few old teachers headed down to the cabin for a weekend of relaxation. The school owns a cabin on the Pacific Coast that they always take the new teachers to and then we can go down there throughout the year whenever we want. It was so much fun! We left on Saturday and ended up just playing games and eating a lot that day. Around 4 we headed down to the coast to check out the view. Here are a few pictures:

Jessica and Ally being weird.

Our view of the coast from our cabin.

Some of us girls hiking down to get a closer look.

On Saturday night I ended up getting sick and throwing up for 2 hours!!! I haven't thrown up in 8 years and then to have 2 girls watching you that you only just met.... can we say embarrassing!! I also woke up the entire room of girls that I was in since I tripped over people's bags on the way out the door. Pretty graceful. Sunday I woke up and felt a tiny bit sick but pretty much fine.

Around noon on Sunday there were announcements going on that there was going to be a tsunami of about 3 meters. Since that isn't too big we decided we would hike down to a cliff to get a better look. It was supposed to come at 1:30 and there were supposed to be 3 right in a row. The whole time we were outside there were helicopters flying overhead and announcements being made to evacuate the area and not to come back until announcements were made declaring that it was safe. Around 2:15 Kelsey, Ally, and I were bored and decided to head back. We got back and the radio said that the "tsunami" was 10 cm. We all were laughing pretty hard at that. In the meantime we started playing games and thought all the other girls had come back and were taking naps. 4 hours later... the girls came back hahaha. They had been watching the entire time with their cameras ready. Just imagine the tiniest wave possible and that was our tsunami. Pretty exciting!

Tomorrow the K4 kids find out who their K5 teacher will be so that will be exciting for the kids to finally know who their new teacher is. I will finally get a chance to get to know them better. Today I got to observe one of the K4 classes and they are so cute. However, one of the kids told me to push him really hard on the swing and so naturally I did and he decided to let go and fell smack on his head from the highest part of the swing motion. I about had a heart attack. It's not a good idea to cause brain damage in the kids so early on. Anyways one of the boys that will be in my class is a real drama queen and toot but he can be really cute too. He just likes to pout. Around lunch time he decided that maybe he did like me so he started playing with me and then he said, "Ms. Melanie, you cute." So I pretty much won him over now!

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Beth said...

Your dad and I think you cute, too!
Love you!