Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Ok sorry but I don't have pictures for this post! I know I'm supposed to be taking a picture a day but let's get real... I never remember! This is a hard goal. On the flipside I'm doing better than good on my 50 books... thank you 12 hour plane rides with no sleep for that.

I do have 2 funny/depressing stories to tell you this week though.

1) Yesterday one of my kids, Kevin, asked me, "Ms. Melanie why no baby?" Aka why don't you have a baby. So I said "because I'm not married Kevin." And he asks "what married?" So then Tammy comes up and says, "oh I know! because no ring!" So I confirmed. Fast forward to lunch today. I'm sitting by Kevin and he says, "why no marry Ms. Melanie?" And I said, "Kevin I don't have a ring remember?" So he says, "oh JUST YOU!!!" And I said, "That's right". He then says, "why no friends either?" So I said, "Ms. Kelsey is my friend." He then runs around the class screaming that, "Ms. Melanie has no friends... in America." I thought that was pretty funny and so did he so then he made me name all my friends in America and he died laughing at every name. Basically, if they haven't heard the name in one of their classes then it is just a totally weird name to them. He always asked if the name was a girl or boy so if it was a boy he would say, "why no marry?" Oh Kevin! *Disclaimer- please excuse any grammatical errors... quotation marks always get me in trouble!

2) This story has to do with the pure honesty of young kids which I love and hate at the same time. So, it's that time of the month for me, TMI I know but since only grammy, mom, and Jenny read this I feel that it's ok, and I got a pimple right by my nose. Thank you hormones. One of my kids today pointed at my face and said, "What is THAT?" I seriously had no idea what they were talking about so I'm like, "What are you talking about?" She makes me get down so she can point right at it and says, "that red dot... is it bad?" Thank you 5 year olds.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back in Japan...

Well, I made it back to Japan safe and sound! This past week has been kind of crazy... First I left for Japan on Monday morning... 12 hour plane ride with zero sleep is never fun. Once we got to the station in Tokyo (to catch the bullet train to Sendai) I realized I had already sweated more in the past hour than I did the entire time I was in America. I only have two things to say about that 1) I hate the humidity!! and 2) Japan- please invest in some more air conditioning units! I actually had to open my suitcase in the station and change into shorts before I got on the bullet train because I was so miserable haha. We didn't get back to our apartments until about 9:30 pm on Tuesday and I pretty much fell straight into bed. I then had to work the next day and was surprisingly jet-lagged. I don't usually get jet-lagged so it was a bit annoying. I had to fight to stay awake till 8:30, but last night I got a good nights sleep and I feel great today! Today the kids came for a half day and it was so fun to see them again and tomorrow will be our first normal day!

It's good to be back into a routine but I miss America and vacation time! While I was home I took the GRE and the plan is to come back to America in April and start going to grad school full time! Wish me luck...

The picture below is of the Jillian Michels workout DVD, 30 Day Shred. It has pretty much kicked my butt these past 2 days. I thought it sounded pretty easy but basically my entire body is hurting so I guess I was wrong haha.

Of course, I couldn't go to America without posting a picture of my cute nephew. This is right before they got on the plane to head back to San Antonio.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Coming to an End...

First of all, I can't believe no one commented on my last post since I put up the most hideous picture of all time. Second, this post will have no pictures bc I've promised not to post any more fatbooth pictures on my blog. I didn't, however, promise not to show them to you in person.

My break is almost over! I only have 3 more full days in America since I leave on Monday morning. It will be sad to leave but good to get back into a routine. Just 7 1/2 more months and then I'm back in America for good...

This week has definitely not been as hectic as last week was. On Sunday my friends left early to get back to their cities and I had a relaxing day at home. Monday... I don't even remember that day it was so long ago. Tuesday I went up to my old school to eat lunch with my old roomie Kyla and see all my old co workers. It was so fun to go back and made me a little bit sad to be missing the first day of school with them this year! Who knows... maybe I'll be back there someday. My grammy and grandad also drove in that day from Abilene to see me so all my mom's side of the family came over for dinner that night.

On Wednesday my dad's side of the family came over for dinner and that's about all I've done this week. It's been nice to relax and rest while I'm home because I know things will be crazy when I get back!

Sorry this post isn't exciting or interesting...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

American food = stomach pains

I've officially been back in America for 6 days and have 11 more to go! I feel like I've been going non stop since I've been back but this next week should be a little more relaxing. I'll take you through my week using my picture a day:

August 5th: Here is a picture of the "luxury" night bus I took from Sendai to Tokyo. I boarded the bus at 10:30 pm and arrived at the airport at 6:20 am. I then sat around till my plane left at 11:30. It was a long night. Naturally I only slept 1-2 hours on the bus and another 1-2 hours on the airplane.

August 6th: My first day back in America! My parents were out of town when I got in so my Aunt Paula picked me up at the airport and then she drove me to San Antonio so we could hang out with Jenny, Chris, and Jude. After I got off the plane we went to Paula's house to shower and eat lunch and then headed out. We got to San Antonio just in time for dinner (Jenny made pizza) and then we relaxed and chatted. I started feeling tired around 9. I've actually been pretty good with jet lag. I've taken 2 naps since I've been here but other than that have been sleeping regular.

August 7th: Saturday we woke up and had doughnuts and then we went to bueno for lunch... I obviously ate healthy on Saturday. After that we went shopping around San Antonio. When we finished we decided to do Saturday night church at Oakhills Church. Then we ate at La Fogata for dinner. We were sitting outside but were getting attacked by bees. Cara was freaking out so we finally moved inside to eat. I had a vegetarian taco and it was delicious!

August 8th: I forgot to take a picture!!! Only 2 weeks in and I've already forgotten. That day was Jenny's birthday but unfortunately we didn't get to stay for long. Chris was on call so we woke up and just relaxed around. Jude was having lots of diarrhea and he ended up having a fever so we all felt bad for him and Jenny. We stayed and ate lunch with Jenny and then hit the road back to Dallas.

August 9th: Just a normal day. Went to the dentist and naturally needed more work done, went to target, picked up the dog, etc. I can't put up the picture I took on this day because Cara would kill me.

These next two pictures are a before and after....

Before coming to America (Above)
After coming to America (Below)

Hahahaha jk!!! But if that isn't the most hideous picture of all time then I don't know what is. Let me explain...
August 10th: Casey came to spend the night with me and hang out. That night we were introduced to the best app on Iphones. It's called fatbooth. You take a picture of someone then they make you look fat. I mean my cheeks are fat, my double chin, my large nose. Not to mention I slicked down my hair especially for the picture. I'm taking fatbooth pictures of everyone while I'm in America... the best to remember my friends and family by.

August 11th: I have a picture of me with Casey and Valerie from going to lunch.

Today: I had my followup dentist appt and then I went straight to take the GRE. I did a little better than I thought so that's good but now we will wait and see. Time to start feeling out those applications for grad school! I also got to go to dinner with my good friend Melissa! We had a blast hanging out together!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

First of my weekly posts!!

Well it has been a crazy past 7 days here at Meysen! First of all we had two days of Summer camp. The kids started arriving at 8:30 am on Friday morning. We did Stations, Challenges outside in the hot hot sun, water play, ate lunch, dinner, snacks, sang songs around a campfire, made s'mores, watched fireworks, and much more. It was extremely tiring. Then all the teachers did a skit and we put our kids to bed in their tents at 9:30. Our boss gave us time to run down and shower before we had to be back up at the tents with our kids. Lucky me, I had the class that cried literally all night. Really just one boy but I don't ever remember falling asleep. The next day we "woke up" at 6 to get ready before waking up the kids. We then ate breakfast, took class pictures, took our kids through a "haunted house", and played games before they left at 11:00 am. After that I took a 3 hour nap.

The next day we had a much needed day off and then started three days of summer school. Summer school was 9 to 5 with the kids and it wore me out! My body feels like it's 50! Tomorrow we have a work day and then I'm off to take the night bus to Narita... my first leg of my trip to America!

Below I posted pictures from my goal of "Take a picture every day". This goal is SO hard and I usually forget until I'm in my pajamas... this is why I'm not in hardly any of the pictures. Enjoy.

July 28th... my Birthday. Jenny made me this sign and so naturally I hung it up on my wall.

July 29th - I knew I wouldn't have time for pictures with the kids at camps so I took a picture by my schedule for the day.

July 30th - not to be shown in any public forum. This picture was taken after the LONG day of summer camp and I'm not exaggerating when I say it is DISGUSTING!!!!

July 31st - Day of rest and relaxation. Aka me and Kelsey poppin' popcorn and watching a movie.

August 1st - Almost forgot to take a picture. This is the book I'm reading this week. It's a travel book about Ireland (Nonfiction number 1).

August 2nd - 1st day of summer school. The kid's made Hawaiian Lei's that day.

August 3rd - We went to the garden and these are the zuchinni's we picked. That is next to my water bottle so you can really see how gigantic it is!

August 4th - Almost forgot again and am currently in my pj's. Almost finished packing for America!