Tuesday, March 9, 2010

10 Things I haven't told you yet...

Top 10 things I haven't told you yet....

1. Hick Accent. Yesterday I subbed in a K5 class because the teacher had to do some training. One of the chants we had to do said something like, "I heard the song." A little girl was practicing and said, "I hear the song." So I corrected her... and to my surprise she mimicked me in the most Texan accent ever. All I could think was... "Do I SERIOUSLY sound like that!" It is now proven that all my students next year will speak with a Texan accent.

2. Singleness. (I stole this one from my friend Kelsey) I celebrated my 24th year of single Valentine's Day haha. It was pretty fun. A bunch of us ate at a burger place and then we went downtown and shopped. In Japan they don't have Valentine's day but a few days before the 14th they have a day that all the girl's buy the guy's a gift and then on March 14th they have White Day where the guys buy the girls a gift.

3. 25 at 25. This year I'm doing a list of 25 goals for my 25th year. I only have like 5 thought of so far so if you can help give me some ideas that would be great. These can be big goals or small goals. In example, go skiing in Japan, go to a country I haven't been to, etc.

4. Change of Plans. We have a spring break coming up from the 25th through the 31st. Our original plan was to go to Thailand and it has seriously changed about 8 times. So annoying! The ticket prices went up so then we changed it to Bali. Then we heard that wasn't safe so we switched it to Guam. Then we couldn't figure out anything about Guam and so we changed it to Taiwan. Then that was too expensive so we changed it to Singapore. Then we couldn't figure that out so we changed it to Hong Kong. Then we changed it to Okinawa and that was too expensive so it was back to Hong Kong. Right now I have no idea what we are doing.

5. Snow. I never ever thought I would say this but I'm SOO sick of the snow! It has snowed so much since we've been here and I'm cold ALL the time. They say this is a mild winter so I don't know what next year has in store for me. My dream of living in Colorado has been thrown away. I want four seasons but not the longest winter in history.

6. Snow Day. It has been snowing since 4 pm yesterday... that is 16 hours straight. School got cancelled today!!! However, we have to go in and have a work day. Still excited.

7. Numbness. For the past 2 weeks the left side of my left thigh has been numb. My dad said that it is caused by gaining weight and I would just like to make a public announcement that I have not gained weight thank you very much.

8. Pizza. Last week we had a half day so some of the teachers decided to order pizza for lunch. When they were splitting the cost I heard them say that it was $64 total. I was like, "say what!!!???" They ordered 2 larges which is equivalent to 2 small/mediums in the states. And each large is $32!!!! That is so crazy!

9. No Dairy. I've decided to give up eating dairy. And it is seriously hard. I didn't realize how much I ate dairy until 2 weeks ago when I gave it up. (I cheated once but I didn't eat that pizza). Considering I'm lactose intolerant I thought now was as good as time as any to get it out of my system.

10. School lunches. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday the kindergarten teacher's get a lunch from the school for free. They are seriously so disgusting but not everybody feels this way!! First of all you pretty much NEVER know what you are about to eat. Second, it is always cold but it is food that should be warm. Third, they make these cute little pink hello kitty things that is actually pressed fish. Nasty!

That's all for now!!


Anonymous said...

For your 25 list: relax in a steamy onsen; sleep on a Japanese style futon; taste green tea ice cream; watch a fireworks display during a summer festival. And savor the experience of your time in Japan. I know exactly how you feel about the snow and cold of the long winter in northern Japan. But savor it as well. Someday you'll look back and miss the beauty of winter in Japan. -- Sandra Pierson

Becca Fullerton said...

Haha. You're hilarious. Also, you do have a hick accent. :) Also, I'm so glad you're enjoying Japan. It sounds fabulous. Also, I love you.

Becca Fullerton said...

I have no idea why my name turned out that way...

JENNY said...

1) I like Sandra's suggestions. You could also have a goal to read a certain amount of books, try fish or sushi (the raw kind), lose an X amount of pounds, cook something from every continent, etc.

2) I agree with Becca. You are hilarious. This post really made me laugh...especially the hick accent. haha. I would have laughed so hard.

3) Those lunches sound disgusting. Please take a picture of the hello kitty fish and put it on your blog.

4) I can't believe pizza is that expensive! Wow. And, I though our pizza was getting expensive here...

5) I'm pretty sure I would get sick of the snow, too. I'm sick of our humidity and heat here in Houston. :(

Terri said...


I can't believe pizza is so expensive. Why is it so costly? Now I know I can rule out living in Japan.

You do have a Texas dialect. When I taught in Alabama, the first day a third grader said, "Mrs. Fullerton, you talk funny." This sentence is made up of 9 syllables. But he said it with at least 15-20.

Sick of snow. Upstate NY has very long winters. This is what I loved about Colorado-you have the snow but not the long winters. The key is not to move to the mountains. Ft Collins is at the base on the east side and it gets snow but most of the year is mild and sunny.

But you should move back to Texas and be somewhat close to your mother. I miss seeing you, esp at church. I look over and try to find that niece of mine, always wearing a stylish coat or jacket. Oh, Paula has found other people to distract during church. I thought you were distracting her but I know the truth now.

I need to go for now. Anna is working at a coffee shop and she promised she would make me a special coffee today!