Saturday, March 20, 2010

Since the Earthquake

This week and weekend have been pretty fun since the earthquake. Instead of observing and teaching in classes, this past week I was pulling kids out and working on the graduation songs with them. We have kindergarten graduation coming up on Monday and it is a pretty big deal. Japanese people are all perfectionists so everything has to be absolutely perfect including the children's singing. They've had graduation practice each day and it is so cute. The kids march in and are so serious with their hands perfectly by their sides. They march up on stage absolutely quiet and begin singing. I've never seen kids who take a performance so seriously. Parents really push their kids not to make any mistakes here so it kind of scares the kids into being good.

This weekend I was determined to buy a small couch or chair for my apartment. Nothing in my apartment is soft to sit on and I feel like my butt has been hurting for 7 weeks. I really need a couch or something. We went to four different stores and of course I found nothing I liked for the right price. However, Ally bought a couch and Kelsey bought a chair. That usually happens when I shop for a specific item. Everyone else finds something they like and they weren't even looking haha! Here is a picture of Ally carrying her couch up to the register! It was only $52 at a second hand store!

On Saturday night we had bought tickets to go to the 89ers game. That is the basketball team in Sendai. We took the bus down to Izumi Chuo so that we could hop on the subway, and when we got there it smelled like smoke and it was all blocked off. We waited for about ten minutes of, "What do we do!!!" and then it opened up. Apparantly, there had been a fire in the subway.

Once we got to the game it was so fun! Half the team looked like they were from America and they were seriously giants... then there was the 5 foot 2 Asian on the team. Pretty funny. They were so awkward and lanky that I don't think they knew what to do with their arms and legs. The game was pretty good though. The funny part was that all the songs and everything was in English. They said, " Let's go 89ers, Let's go". They did the defense chant. The dancers/cheerleaders danced to Men in Black, Jump on it, Calle Ocho, Joy to the World (Three Dog Night version), Pretty Women, etc... It was pretty entertaining to say the least.

Also, when we walked in they gave us a free pair of chopsticks as a gift. I thought that was pretty funny too!

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Yay for updating. It was good to talk to you last night!