Sunday, March 14, 2010


Well I've officially lived through two earthquakes!! I've actually lived through 4 but I didn't feel the first two. On Saturday night I was hanging out in my apartment with Ally and Kelsey. We had decided to cook dinner and watch a movie since we were trying to be cheap. Anyways, I don't even know what time it was but all of a sudden we were all sitting on the floor and I was like, "is it just me or is my entire apartment shaking?" Then we all screamed "Earthquake!!!" Of course Ally and I jumped in the doorway laughing and Kelsey just sat on the floor laughing at us. Apparently the number one thing not to do is stand in a doorway... whoops. It probably lasted about 15 seconds which felt really long. Then my light fixture was shaking for another minute or so which means a small one might have been going on at that time.

Sunday... It was like 5:30 pm and I was talking to Cara on skype with my friend Jessica at my place. All of a sudden we were like, "ahhhhh it's another earthquake!!!" This time it was worse and longer and it was funny because Cara could see my apartment shaking while it happened. Jessica was crouched by my bed (which is the correct position to assume) and trying to hold my hand and I was like, "What do I do I'm on skype!!!" So I just sat at my desk... I'm obviously not the best in natural disasters. I hear there are more earthquakes in the Spring so we will see what that's like when it happens. Kind of exciting and a little bit scary.

In other news, has anyone been watching American Idol? I've been watching it with my friend Katie. I think my favorite so far is Casey James. Anyone else have a favorite?


Anonymous said...

You felt two earthquakes? I'm a bit envious! Sandra

JENNY said...

That sounds scary! You need to get better at preparing for a natural disaster. haha.

I love American Idol. I don't really have a favorite yet...but I do like Casey and I really like Didi (sp?).