Monday, April 28, 2008

Old Lady

This happened to me last Friday.
The kids were talking about how they can do handstands, flips, cartwheels etc. and so I said, "wow all I can do is a cartwheel and a roundoff." Then one of the kids said this, "Wow now that is pretty impressive for an old lady like you... i mean not that I'm saying your old or anything but you are kind of old". "I'm not old!!" I said. A different kid then says, "Well I mean you could seriously be like grandma, Ms. Fullerton!" 
Ok so people usually think I'm still in high school which is annoying and now people think I'm a grandma! Where did my 20's go!!!
This is what I put up with!

Same kid who said I was an old lady talks non stop in my class. I mean running commentary to everything I say. There is no stopping him from talking so I just try to ride it out and then refocus. Friday we were going to go on a field trip and we had about 15 minutes in the class before we were leaving so we were playing addition/subtraction bingo. This is what I was hearing. I'll type what I was saying in all caps. Oh and this is at the speed of about a mile a minute no joke.
"FOUR PLUS SIX" "4 plus 6! Oh my gosh I don't even know 4 plus 6. I don't even know what comes after four. What comes after four!!! I think it's 5. 5,6,7,8,9,10. I think the answer is 10 is the answer ten Ms. Fullerton. oh ya you can't tell us! oh my gosh I don't have any tens!" I interrupt the ongoing commentary with "THREE PLUS FOUR" "3 plus 4!!! oh my gosh 3 plus 4! I don't even know 3 plus 4!!! I don't even know what comes after 3!!I think it's 4. Is it 4? 4,5,6,7! I think the answer is 7. Is the answer 7? I don't even know. Ah dang it I don't even have a 7."

This goes on and on with the same thing after every question and usually I just interrupt with the problem. None of the other kids even act like this is strange and no one looks at him except me. I'm thinking "What the heck! How can he never stop and how do I handle this for 6 more weeks!!!"

Sorry about the many posts with kids stories! I'll try to make my next  post about something more interesting!


JENNY said...

haha! I want to meet this kid. That is really funny. I like your school stories. Keep em coming.

Topher said...

People get confused because you have the wisdom of a grandma and the youthfulness of a high schooler. Take it as a compliment.

I want to meet motor mouth. Sounds like a funny kid. Great stories.

Catie said... list 7 random things about yourself!