Sunday, April 6, 2008

New Puppy!!!

I got a new puppy this weekend! No I was not planning on it but she was just so cute! I've actually been thinking about getting one for a couple of months but the plan was that when I move I would get one. However, this weekend my sisters, mom, and I all went to Canton and well I came home with this little thing! 

Isn't she cute! Her name is Jovi. You know off Elf? As you all know I am a Christmas fanatic. Casey Lewis had the great idea that we should name all the pets we ever get after Christmas things. She actually came up with the name Jovi for me and I thought it was so cute. 

She is so tiny! She weighs about a pound and shouldn't get bigger than 3-4 pounds full grown. I went to PetCo yesterday when I got home with her so I could get all the essentials and I found this tiny little shirt. The shirt said "Let it Snow" on it and well since she has a Christmas name I thought she needed the shirt. Plus it was on sale for $3 and I got it in the smallest size and then I realized that it just drowns her out. Maybe one day it will fit her. I will post a picture of that later. 

Everyone is welcome to come see her. Ok she just woke up and is trying to jump around so we're going to go play!!


Catie said...

Melanie she is so cute! I have to say I'm a little jealous! I can't wait to see her!

You need to make a post about your first week of school...I want hear all about it!

JENNY said...

Go Jovi! She's a cutie!

Cris said...

SO CUTE! is she the new flower girl in steph's wedding?

JENNY said...

We need an update on jovi!