Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!

I have a confession. I have been listening to Christmas music in my car non stop since Thursday. Yes this is true. One of my friends introduced me to what she likes to call Christmas Friday two years ago. Basically that means that every Friday you listen to Christmas music in your car. It is joyous. I suggest it to all. Well I took that to heart but soon that just wasn't enough.  I needed Christmas music whenever and wherever I wanted it. So I did just that. Usually a couple of weeks after Christmas I get burnt out of my 50 favorite Christmas songs ( I have more but I have a playlist of about 50 that I like best). Then in about March/April the fun starts up again. This year was a little late.

Thursday morning as I was driving to work I didn't know what to listen to. Usually I listen to peppy music in the morning so that I will be all ready for the day. Ex. Hairspray was on the list for awhile. Well I couldn't decide and I was feeling a little down about it not being Friday and I was tired so of course I threw on some Christmas tunes and boy was that a good decision. All day I was singing and dancing to Christmas music when alone. I did it again on Friday. Then Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and even Tuesday! I just can't get enough! 

You probably all know about my love for the holidays! I love winter time. The cold weather, snow, fires, family, skiing, Christmas music, lights. It's all so fun! I don't know why others don't celebrate for a little longer. Christmas music and lights do not just have to be celebrated during the weeks after Thanksgiving and before New Years. No I say! They should be extended to all cold months! Summer celebrating does not end on July 4th. People go swimming and have back yard get togethers and all things summer even after school starts. It is celebrated till the last hot day. Why can winter not be this way? Christmas music and lights just feel right even in November and February. And even this morning when it was so cold it felt right. Call me crazy. I will continue to celebrate this way until it catches on. Yes I will probably be that weirdo old lady that keeps up her lights into February but who cares at least it will be fun! So put on your favorite Christmas tunes and give a little dance. I'm sure it will make your Wednesday just that much better. I'll be listening to my tunes tomorrow morning. If you need any suggestions just let me know. 

Happy Winter!!


JENNY said...

haha! I love this post. I am so ready for Christmas it's not even funny. I will get my Christmas music out tomorrow.

Leah said...

haha Betsy and I ...or was it Stephanie and I...used to have Christmas Fridays mornings in the dorm getting ready for classes. I totally approve. Oh and we talked about Christmas in Con Law today and whispered gleefully to the person next to me "OH I LOVE Christmas." To which they replied: your weird.

Once again no small holidays, just SMALL PEOPLE.