Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Nell No!

I have a funny story for ya'll. There is this little boy at my school who is so cute and hilarious. He pulls his khaki pants way up high and then tightens his belt as tight as it will go with his short tucked in. His pants needless to say are a little on the short side. Side note story: One day he told his teacher, "Sometimes my pants get stuck around my wazoo!" Well ya that would be because you keep pulling them up. We think he likes it but we won't go there today.

Anyways last week some of the first grade boys were talking about how they wanted to go to one of the boys house to play. Well this boy's mom works at the school and they live way out in Decatur. She was telling them that her house is pretty far and so maybe they could meet in the middle somewhere and go to a movie or something. George decides at this point to say, "If I asked my mom that she would say no. Actually she would say NELL No! That means really really no." hahaha yes he actually said nell. We all had a good laugh at that one because he obviously did not know what he was saying right then. 

Another story for your enjoyment. Two of the fourth graders got in a fight one time. One of these boys is really good and never fights so it was kind of shocking. The teacher had them come inside and sit while she went to talk the principal. When she comes back out this boy has his head down on his desk. She says, "Fred (names have been changed :)) Mrs. Edwards wants to see you in her office" He holds up a finger (as if to say hold on a second.... not the other finger). She waits a few seconds and says again, "Fred, Mrs. Edwards would like to see you right now." He holds up the finger again. Now she is getting irritated. So she says it one more time. He waits a second then stands up and very seriously says, "Sorry, I was praying before I had to go in to see Mrs. Edwards." She had to turn around because she was laughing so hard. He was so serious and scared that it was funny. Oh man kids are so hilarious sometimes!

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