Thursday, April 10, 2008


I forgot I started this post on Wednesday. Just now getting around to finishing it. 

Well I just finished my second week of school! It has been so fun so far and way better than my old job! I don't remember what all I said about it in my last post but I teach Classroom 3, ages 9-11. Basically what that means is that at the beginning of the year we test the kids and then group them into ability level groups and place them in a classroom. The kids call it 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc, but since for example the first grade class has two 7 year olds, a 9 year old, and a 10 year old they just call it classroom 1.

Anyways I have 6 kids. Four of them have Aspergers and two are dyslexic. They are all pretty high functioning except for one but he is smart, you just have to really work one on one with him. They are so hilarious though! I have one kids who is the most enthusiastic kid you have ever met. It is his only emotion. Everything I say he shouts out, "GOOD IDEA MS. FULLERTON!" or "GOOD POINT MS. FULLERTON!" or "GREAT JOB ------- (insert anyone's name here)" It is so funny! Sometimes he will suggest that he puts his paper on my desk and when I say  that is fine e tells me that I had a good idea for him to do that. He is also VERY smart. He makes A's on everything and is super excited to get papers back. He wants to know if everything is going to be graded. On the first day he made all 100s and one 96 and he was disappointed so I told him that an A is still really good. So the next day he happened to make a 76 on something. He looked at the paper then looked at me and screamed, "ALRIGHT PASSING!!!!!" I almost died laughing!

The class also likes to sing A LOT! I tell them that as long as they continue working then they can sing so we play a lot of music in my classroom. The funny thing is though that sometimes when we are working one fo them will all of a sudden stand up and say, "a 1 a 2 a 1,2,3,4" and then somehow they will all break out into the same song. Usually they sing, "bow chica wow wow" from Chipmunks or "the continent song" or "I like to move it move it" from Madagascar. Then they start saying, "What's cracka lackin Ms. Fullerton?" This is like my dream classroom if you can't tell.

So now you know what my classroom is like every day. We usually never get all the work done that I planned but that's just how it is. You just have to see how the kids are doing that day and let them work at their pace. 

Update on Jovi: I have spent the entire day sitting on the couch and getting up every 30 minutes to take the dog out. She is having a nasty case of the runs. I woke up this morning to see that she had gone diarrhea 5 times in her cage last night. Cleaning up diarrhea is not my idea of a fun saturday morning activity. I'm hoping it is just because of the change from her old food. She wouldn't eat since yesterday morning though so I went to find what she used to eat and couldn't find it at PetSmart. They had the brand (Pedigree) and the wet food but not the same one. I still bought it and she ate it but so far the runs are still going strong. I'll keep you posted. I know you were just dying to read something like this on a saturday. yummy. 

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Anonymous said...

just found your blog! Yes! I loved reading about your kids! I do therapy with 4 kids who have autism, 2 with asperger's, and some others that I am not exactly sure what they have! So I completely understand your life right now with those little kiddos! Hope you are doing great! I want to chat with you soon! love you!