Monday, May 5, 2008

7 Random Things

I got tagged by Catie to tell 7 Random Things about myself. I usually don't do these but I thought this one was fun so here goes!

1. I can't sleep with out ALL the covers on. 
This is a very hard thing to deal with I have to say! Even when I'm burning up they all have to be on. This is why I keep only a sheet and a comforter on the bed. No extra blanket. This dates back to when I was very young and scared of EVERYTHING at night. I somehow came up with this idea in my head: If someone comes in to my room to kill me with a knife then I have all my covers on it won't go through them. Very logical you see :) Well now I know that is not the case but I still have to sleep with them all on and if I take one off I get really anxious until it is back on.

2. I hated dogs until about 2 months ago. 
I always thought puppies were cute but I didn't like dogs. They stink and they try to lick you and you have to wash your hands every time you touch them. Then two months ago after living with my parents I decided I like dogs and in fact I want one. I then bought one and I love her. Who would have ever thought that! Needless to say she gets a bath at least once a week, she is learning not to lick me, and my hands are dry and were bleeding on my knuckles from being over washed. 

3. I love diet coke!
I drink one diet coke a day and that is on my way to work. I know that is weird and it just started this year. Every morning I eat breakfast with a glass of water and then on my drive I drink a diet coke. I then drink water the rest of the day but I have to have a diet coke on my drive now.

4. I hate breakfast food. 
I'm hungry in the morning but I hate breakfast food! This has always been a dilemma. Sometimes I eat peanut butter toast or honey on toast but for the past couple of weeks I've been eating an english muffin with hummus. So good. 

5. I'm early to everything! (Catie I'm stealing that from you!)
I absolutely hate being late and in fact it stresses me out in other people too! I like to blame this on being late to everything while growing up and the scars it left on me (plus I try to blame as much as possible on my parents... you know how it goes). Anyways I'm usually about 10 minutes early to everything. Yet still I always think I'm going to be late and then I rush more. In the mornings I get ready so fast that I have about 30 minutes of time just to check my email and do other things. Even if I wake up 20 minutes late I still have 30 minutes because I rush so fast! I'm really trying to work on this because it is annoying  but I can't help it I just like to be on time!!

6. I'm scared of the dark.
You can make fun of me all you want but it's true. I've always gotten scared at night and have always had trouble sleeping! I now think it's probably because I'm scared of the dark. I still sleep with my closet light on. I keep the door closed and it really doesn't do anything but just the thought of it helps. I also will turn on the light and check all around the room about 3 times before I can sleep. Plus I check my closet and under the bed before I get in bed. ha ha I realize this is dumb but hey what can I say. Don't ever try to scare me at night or I will probably cry.

7. I love other cultures more than anything!
I want to move out of the country and teach oversees but this has not worked out yet! I was pursuing it pretty hard last semester but everything kept not working out so I had to take a break for awhile. I still hope to do this and I think I will always regret it if I don't. If I can't live over there then at least I have my summers to go over there. Vacations are just not a long enough amount of time to leave!

I now tag Jenny. I hope this wasn't too boring to read! 

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