Monday, March 24, 2008


So yesterday my little sister Cara and her friend Melani came home for Easter. I know I know… a bff with the same name as her sister? No e though. Sorry Jenny…I guess I’m the favorite sis. Anyways they left after church yesterday to drive back to Abilene and they got in a big wreck. Their car flipped five times and flew across the median all the way on the other side of oncoming traffic. Thank goodness they were ok. Onlookers said that at one point their car went 25 feet up in the air. They were taken to the hospital in Eastland. Cara had some cuts on her knee and her hand and then she has a big contusion on her shoulder. Melani had some glass in her arm. Other than that they were fine. They were pretty shaken up though and her car is totaled. The people who received the car said they thought for sure someone would have died based on how bad it looked. Anyways just thought I would let ya’ll know what happened. Cara was embarrassed because they sent out an ACU email to the entire school about what happened haha and that means they will probably pray for them in chapel too.

This reminded me of another wreck we had one time. About 6 years ago we were in Breckenridge for Spring Break. We were supposed to leave on Friday morning but there was a big snow storm coming in so we decided to come in early on Thursday and leave that afternoon since my dad needed to catch a flight back on Friday afternoon. We got in the car and started heading out. Thank goodness we left when we did because the storm started and only got worse that weekend. If you know me and Jenny at all you know that we are both freaking out!! I mean I don’t like driving in the mountains even when it isn’t snowing; all that winding makes me nervous.

So we’re in are old suburban with one of those big things on the top to pack all your suitcases and skis in. Jenny and Cara are in the middle bucket seats and I’m in the back in the middle seat. Well my dad is probably going about 10… maybe 15 mph. Though still we kept seeing cards skidding and sliding off the road. Me and Jenny are saying “slow down dad, slow down!!!” about ever 15 seconds. It’s just what we do ok. I’m in the back and I’m thinking well if we get in a wreck then I’m going to be the one to die since I don’t have a shoulder strap. Ok so I’m a little dramatic but I can’t help it. So all of a sudden our car starts to skid. My mom, very calmly, says, “Don’t scream girls but we’re going to flip.” Of course Jenny immediately starts screaming and I immediately start yelling, “SHUT UP JENNY SHUT UP!!!” I don’t think this really helped at all. So then our car is spinning in circles on the road and we start to slide off the road. Oh ya did I mention we are on the side of a mountain? So we start sliding off the side of the mountain. And then we stop.

We all scramble to get out of the car ASAP in case it starts sliding more. Now guess what two cars were behind us? A triple A truck and a police car. So this teeny little truck attaches the wire from his car to our car and attempts to pull us up. Our car is so heavy that his car starts to slide even with the cement blocks against the tire. Ok long story short is about 30 minutes later we finally got pulled out. He told us if we had gone even 5 more feet we would have flipped down the entire mountain. Then we had to all squeeze into an eighteen wheeler that towed us to a car station… all we had was 2 flat tires. Of course they stuck me right next to the driver with no seatbelt… middle children really have it hard. We were pretty lucky.

All this to say… I think Cara handled herself much better in a way scarier situation than me and Jenny could have. Sorry Jenny… we may be older but I think we are the more dramatic ones of the family.


JENNY said...

I'm going to have to say that I definitely agree with you. I am dramatic and I'm okay with that.

First, I can't believe Cara is okay after that wreck. I'm not going to think about it because the dramatic me will begin crying again.

Second, I hate the memory of our wreck in Colorado. Agh. You described it well, though. Except you forgot to mention that the policeman fell when he came down to help us. He then said "don't worry guys. I'm here to help you." haha.

I need some love on my blog, as well Mel.

Leah said...

"dramatic ones of the family" no doi.

p.s. you are so deprived being the middle one, you should write more stories about how you made it through despite it all.