Friday, March 21, 2008

Drag Queens

Well I’ve been out of town this past week in Ft. Lauderdale with some friends and quite a few interesting things happened. I want to tell you about one in particular. Since I don’t have my pictures up yet I’ll have to describe in detail until I can give ya’ll a picture to look at. Don’t worry it will be coming soon hopefully!

So on Saturday afternoon three of my friends and I all flew to Ft. Lauderdale for a much needed vacation *note: I have only been working for a month and a half but I don’t care I wanted a vacation. Anyways the first day we were there we were looking through and little booklet that the hotel gave us of activities to do in Ft. Lauderdale and we came across a restaurant called Lips. I kid you not the name of this place was Lips. And you’ll never guess what kind of restaurant it was… a drag queen restaurant. And so of course we thought, “um we HAVE to go there!!” So on Tuesday night we took ourselves out for a nice night at Lips.

Well Stephanie didn’t come with us that night. She wasn’t feeling so good so she stayed in and Kyla, Leah, and I went out for what would soon become the best night of our lives. We got to the restaurant, which was all neon with huge lipstick containers as the pillars, and got our table. We were sitting in great viewing pleasure of the stage. Our waiter/waitress?... we’ll just say “waitress” and “she” to make it easier, came out to take our order. Now this diva/queen was a sight for sore eyes. She had great dark lipstick on and eyes all done up in a metallic silver dress. Her name you ask? Martina Sky!! She took our order and we were just all smiles and excitement to be there. Well then Porscha, the head diva, came out and she sang us some songs. She was pretty good too… had a real good impersonation of a ladies voice and was hilarious. She then announced each Diva… one of which had better legs than all three of us… so not fair and they lip sang to their favorite songs. Well Martina of course sang “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”. Well obviously we were probably the loudest and happiest people in the place. Just dancing in our booth and singing along. How can you not be joyful in a place like this I ask you?

So about this time was when our new best friends walked in and sat down in the booth right by us. Paul and Ken have been together for 25 years and married for 5 and yes they are gay. Well of course we just HAD to talk to them. I mean hello they looked fabulous! So after we met Paul… Ken didn’t really talk to us, Porscha got the mic and said “who in here is a heterosexual???” Of course we cheered loud and danced around… one of about 3 tables in the house. Then our friend Paul looked at us like he was real disappointed and said, “oh really? That’s too bad” Well whatever Paul. So we were just living it up talking to Paul, taking him and his man’s picture on his camera phone and having him take our picture.

So then after the performance and dinner it was karaoke time baby!! Well so sorry to tell ya’ll this but I DO NOT sing karaoke. I don’t care that everyone in that place was drunk and I would never see them again because after some real bad acts of other girl groups I was not about to get up there. Well we find out Porscha is from Midland and so of course we call her over to tell her we are from Texas and Leah is in fact from Midland, also we just wanted to meet the Queen Diva. Paul was disappointed in our Texas background too but we made up for it by being awesome. So then Porscha wants us to sing Dixie Chicks, “Earl Had to Die” So Leah and Kyla prepare to go up there. Well it starts off with Leah saying the following in a complete hick accent, “We’re here to do everything we can to make all ya’lls Texas stereotypes come true”. Then she inserted a few “yeehaw’s” every now in then during the song just to top things off. *Video to come later*. Paul then leans over to me to say, “Oh gracious I hope she doesn’t remember this in the morning!” I reply with, “oh totally… and that right there is why I did not go on stage.”

So then Paul and I start talking about Dolly Parton. Now Paul just LOVES Dolly Parton. So I mention that one time in New York I saw her at a Broadway musical. His reply was, “OH… MY… GOD was she just GORGEOUS?” I reply with, “OF COURSE!!! When is Dolly Parton NOT gorgeous?” Then he says, “You are telling me? She is just absolutely fabulous!!” “Fabulous and breathtaking” I mention (P.S. I do not believe any of this to be true of Dolly Parton…. I’m just playing into the night) so then he wants to know who she was with etc etc. Oh Paul and I were just having a grand ole time. Man what a night.

Oh did I mention that Martina Sky thought she was HOT STUFF? Every time she passed a mirror, (which were on EVERY wall in the place) she primped her hair and made a kissy face at herself. When she sang her song she changed into a super short tight pink with black dots dress and pink tulle around the bottom with fishnet shirt that ended just below the boobs. Of course when she came back to our table we announced to her, “how FABULOUS and AMAZING she looked in that outfit” Her response was that she is, “going for the Cindy Lauper look” Leah then told her that she should try some “red in her hair” She said “of course, I would LOVE that”. Oh we were just chatting it up. She is our best friend now.

So anyways that was our night out at Lips. If only this could happen again. It was the best part of our vacation. That and the 19 yr old guy who sang us a song he wrote… I’ll save that for a later post.


JENNY said...

WOW. You are hilarious. That sounds like a really funny night. haha!

Nicole said...

Why do you not sing karaoke? I remember when you sang in front of us and sounded GREAT! :)

BTW-The girls say hi. They were SO excited that you commented on my blog!