Thursday, March 13, 2008

My New Blog!!

So I’ve been thinking about creating a new blog since sometime last semester when these hilarious things kept happening to me while student teaching. I’ve finally decided to start it! I know you are all jumping for joy right now as you have most likely been checking my old china blog every day/hour/minute to see if I have updated it. Unfortunately I decided that was a blog only for China and I now need one for every day life.

I plan on just writing about the things that happen in my strange life as well as the even stranger things that go on in my head. I hope you all will enjoy this… When I say “you all” it really probably means Jenny and my mom... okay actually just my mom since Jenny is in grad school. Ok Ok I know I'm a loser but well you have to start somewhere and maybe someday my blog will grow so large that my fans will demand that I put my blog into book format and I will have written the autobiography that I plan on writing one day and everyone will want me to speak at conference's and want my autograph and I will be able to buy all the cool shoes I've ever wanted… but first I have to have a cool life though. Still working on that one. It's going to happen. Believe it.

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Anonymous said...

I believe!
Your biggest fan,