Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I need to talk to ya'll about an addiction that I have called puzzles. I love them. I'm not talking like sudoku or crossword or word searches...though I love those too, especially on car rides, I'm talking like real 1000 piece puzzles. Usually this addiction only takes place during Christmas/Thanksgiving as my granddad and one aunt are also puzzle maniacs. Please please hold your laughing judgment. These things can not be helped. Well I have to say that it has gotten worse. You see I have this problem that I have to multi task all the time. I can't do just one thing. It drives me crazy. Mostly this really bothers me when watching TV or movies. I just can not sit still through a TV show. So When I first moved back home and after Christmas was over and everyone went home I still didn't have a job. And I was bored to death!!! So I proceeded to conquer half the movies that we own and doing every puzzle that we have. I had alot of time on my hand.

My usual schedule went something like this: wake up at about 9 and do DDR for an hour... I love that too. What can I say; I'm a girl of many addictions. Then I would go take a shower and get ready for the day, go downstairs, talk to my mom, check my email and facebook, eat lunch and then go back upstairs. This is when I would pop in a movie. Well as you know I just can’t sit there so I decided to see if we had any puzzles. And by golly we did. So this is what I did during the month of January. Then I got a job and it was sad and now I have to work and don't have as much time for puzzles. My life is so hard these days! *sigh* So I had to put my puzzle mania on hold until about 2 weeks ago. I decided that I wanted to watch this TV series that I had so of course I needed a puzzle.

Side Note: I really do have friends here in Dallas. I promise. No really, I promise. And their not so bad either even though most of them went to Harding. They just live far away and so I only hang out with them on the weekend. Seriously I do!!

I just want to show ya’ll a picture of the puzzle yesterday when I got home from work. I started this puzzle on Sunday after church and this is a picture from Monday at 5.

Ok I have another confession to make. I've done this one puzzle about 5 times. Stop laughing. I love this puzzle. Not because of the picture, because frankly I'd rather it be a picture of a diet coke, or maybe a piece of cake or something. I'm hungry right now if you can't tell. Ok so here is why I've done it so much though. All the other puzzles are either too easy or too hard. I know I know you're probablly all thinking, "if she's such a puzzle maniac then whey does she not do the real hard ones?" Well although I do like to multi task that doesn't mean I like to think to hard. And when all the pieces look alike and are the same shape... it's just not that much fun.

Ok now here is a picture of the puzzle later that night. I did eat dinner and even watch a movie downstairs with my parents so let's pretend like I didn't spend two hours upstairs puzzling and will just say I'm really fast.

Almost finished! I think tonight while I watch the Biggest Loser I'll finish it. I love that show. Oh and I really don't puzzle every night. I mean on Wednesday night I watch American Idol with my mom and on Thursday night I watch Lost with my parents. So stop judging me already. If you have any puzzles you were thinking about getting rid of then send them my way. And if you have any advice of how to overcome my many addictions then please let me know.

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Catie said...

I love puzzles too! Yet another reason why our friendship works!!

Hey I got a blog I have a link on my facebook to it...check it our fool!

I want to see pics from you crazy spring break, sounds like you guys had a fun time!