Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Ok sorry but I don't have pictures for this post! I know I'm supposed to be taking a picture a day but let's get real... I never remember! This is a hard goal. On the flipside I'm doing better than good on my 50 books... thank you 12 hour plane rides with no sleep for that.

I do have 2 funny/depressing stories to tell you this week though.

1) Yesterday one of my kids, Kevin, asked me, "Ms. Melanie why no baby?" Aka why don't you have a baby. So I said "because I'm not married Kevin." And he asks "what married?" So then Tammy comes up and says, "oh I know! because no ring!" So I confirmed. Fast forward to lunch today. I'm sitting by Kevin and he says, "why no marry Ms. Melanie?" And I said, "Kevin I don't have a ring remember?" So he says, "oh JUST YOU!!!" And I said, "That's right". He then says, "why no friends either?" So I said, "Ms. Kelsey is my friend." He then runs around the class screaming that, "Ms. Melanie has no friends... in America." I thought that was pretty funny and so did he so then he made me name all my friends in America and he died laughing at every name. Basically, if they haven't heard the name in one of their classes then it is just a totally weird name to them. He always asked if the name was a girl or boy so if it was a boy he would say, "why no marry?" Oh Kevin! *Disclaimer- please excuse any grammatical errors... quotation marks always get me in trouble!

2) This story has to do with the pure honesty of young kids which I love and hate at the same time. So, it's that time of the month for me, TMI I know but since only grammy, mom, and Jenny read this I feel that it's ok, and I got a pimple right by my nose. Thank you hormones. One of my kids today pointed at my face and said, "What is THAT?" I seriously had no idea what they were talking about so I'm like, "What are you talking about?" She makes me get down so she can point right at it and says, "that red dot... is it bad?" Thank you 5 year olds.


Anonymous said...

At least they didn't think you had chicken pox. A child asked me that about a couple of pimples when I was a teenager. OUCH!

JENNY said...

haha! That last story is pretty funny. Your kids sound so cute!

Grammy said...

I loved your stories. I had a good laugh. I will read them to Grandad in the morning. He is asleep in the chair right now. Love you, Grammy

kelcdee said...

i love this!

Kyla said...

so hilarious!