Wednesday, August 4, 2010

First of my weekly posts!!

Well it has been a crazy past 7 days here at Meysen! First of all we had two days of Summer camp. The kids started arriving at 8:30 am on Friday morning. We did Stations, Challenges outside in the hot hot sun, water play, ate lunch, dinner, snacks, sang songs around a campfire, made s'mores, watched fireworks, and much more. It was extremely tiring. Then all the teachers did a skit and we put our kids to bed in their tents at 9:30. Our boss gave us time to run down and shower before we had to be back up at the tents with our kids. Lucky me, I had the class that cried literally all night. Really just one boy but I don't ever remember falling asleep. The next day we "woke up" at 6 to get ready before waking up the kids. We then ate breakfast, took class pictures, took our kids through a "haunted house", and played games before they left at 11:00 am. After that I took a 3 hour nap.

The next day we had a much needed day off and then started three days of summer school. Summer school was 9 to 5 with the kids and it wore me out! My body feels like it's 50! Tomorrow we have a work day and then I'm off to take the night bus to Narita... my first leg of my trip to America!

Below I posted pictures from my goal of "Take a picture every day". This goal is SO hard and I usually forget until I'm in my pajamas... this is why I'm not in hardly any of the pictures. Enjoy.

July 28th... my Birthday. Jenny made me this sign and so naturally I hung it up on my wall.

July 29th - I knew I wouldn't have time for pictures with the kids at camps so I took a picture by my schedule for the day.

July 30th - not to be shown in any public forum. This picture was taken after the LONG day of summer camp and I'm not exaggerating when I say it is DISGUSTING!!!!

July 31st - Day of rest and relaxation. Aka me and Kelsey poppin' popcorn and watching a movie.

August 1st - Almost forgot to take a picture. This is the book I'm reading this week. It's a travel book about Ireland (Nonfiction number 1).

August 2nd - 1st day of summer school. The kid's made Hawaiian Lei's that day.

August 3rd - We went to the garden and these are the zuchinni's we picked. That is next to my water bottle so you can really see how gigantic it is!

August 4th - Almost forgot again and am currently in my pj's. Almost finished packing for America!

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JENNY said...

That is a HUGE zucchini. Did you eat? I recently made some yummy zucchini bread that you would have liked.

Can't wait to see you!