Monday, July 26, 2010

26 before 26

Some of you may remember that when I turned 23 I decided to make 24 goals before I turned 24. I only ever completed about half of them and never documented it. So... I decided to try again. I'm hoping that posting it on my blog will keep me more accountable. Since I turn 25 tomorrow I'm making 26 goals before I turn 26. Here they are:

1. Update my blog once a week
2. Take one picture every day
3. Go to a country I've never been to
4. No Chocolate for a year
5. Go skiing in Japan
6. Go to a Japanese Onsen (Bath House)
7. Hike Mount Fuji
8. No Carbonation for a year
9. Go to a Japanese Soccer Game
10. Take the GRE
11. Get into Grad School
12. Read the Bible in a year
13. Participate in the 21 day no Complaint Challenge
14. Go to a Sumo Match
15. Go to Kyoto
16. Go Vegan for a month
17. Adopt an accent for a weekend
18. Read 50 books in a year
19. 15-25 must be non fiction
20. Get a Japanese Massage
21. Hike Yamadera
22. Go to Hong Kong
23. Sing everything instead of speak for 7 non consecutive days
24. Lose 10 lbs
25. Save x amount of money
26. Go snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef - based on plane tickets there is a high possibility this won't happen so I'll put a bonus one on here just in case
Bonus: Get a library card in Japan

That's it! Wish me luck!


JENNY said...

What a great list! You have inspired me.

Tried to skype you earlier tonight and a couple of days ago, but I am thinking you probably had already left for work. Bummer. I'll talk to you on your birthday, though!

The Fants said...

Those are awesome goals! I especially love #17 :)
I remember when we gave up chocolate for a year in high times!! So glad you're having fun in Japan. Happy early birthday!!