Friday, November 26, 2010

Christmas Disney

I know you will be shocked to here this but.... I went to Disney again. It is Christmas season after all and I NEEDED to see the decorations! Having seen pictures of Disney in America at this time of year I had very high hopes. Let's just say it didn't live up to my expectations. The trip was fantastic but the decorations were sub par. However, I have some pictures to share.

We got there around 6:45 am to get our tickets (It was a holiday weekend so we knew it would be crowded). First thing we saw was this kid with a GIANT duffy on his back. Don't worry it only cost his parents about $596. Chump change when Duffy is involved.

That afternoon we went to see the Christmas Wishes show at Disney Sea. It was so cute. The best/most hilarious part was when Minnie came on the stage about 2 min into the show. There was a collective *gasp* by the audience followed by 100's of people saying "KAWAIII" (meaning "cute" in Japanese). Then camera's started clicking like crazy. It was so funny!

Here's a picture with a random Japanese girl that wanted to take a picture with us. The Americans in this picture are Katie (K4 teacher), Ally, me, Kelsey, and Rebecca (new teacher that came in October). You can also see our awesome costumes in this picture. Purchased at the Daiso (Dollar store). One of my straps broke about half way through the day. Luckily Ally had bought a Disney Christmas pin so we pinned it together with that.

Don't be fooled by the giant bags in this picture. They aren't even close to full. We just wanted the bag... you know because there are so many uses in life for giant disney bags.

Day 2: Disney land. As you can see I actually can dress/look normal while at Disney. The minnie around my neck holds my ticket and fast passes. Probably the most useful thing I've bought at Disney this year.

Ally and I waiting in line to see Captain EO!! It's a Michael Jackson show that was made in the 80s and is just now making it's way to Disney. It was pretty much awesome!
And that's it. I got sick and was pretty nauseous while at Disney. However, that did not stop me from having a great time!

Random story about Disneyland Day 2. So everyone gets to Disney like an hour to an hour and a half ahead of time just to wait in line to get into the park. When they start letting people in it's like mass chaos. The nicely formed lines turn into one big blob and people start sprinting as they get through the gates. Ally tells me this is not normal at Disney in America. Only the crazies start out running. Last time we were at Disneyland we really wanted to ride Space Mountain and when we went straight there the line for a fastpass was already like 45 min long so we didn't end up getting to ride. Even though I was feeling sick and nauseous we decided that as soon as we got through the gates we were going to join this group of crazies and sprint as fast as we could to Space Mountain. I really REALLY wish I had my camera on video so that you could have seen the hilarity. Here we were sprinting through the park, weaving through people, jumping off the curbs and when we get there... absolutely zero people were in line for space mountain. We were like "Sumi Masen??" ("Excuse me?") how is this possible. All that sprinting for nothing! So we got fast passes and then went ahead and rode the ride so we would get to ride it two times. We then power walked every where else. There may have been a few more running steps throughout the day. We've turned into those Disney people. Pray for us.


Cris said...

I love all of your posts, but this might be my favorite one of all time purely for the last paragraph. Oh, and you mentioned you were nauseous a that your way of telling us you're pregnant?

JENNY said...

haha! I love that last story. Very funny. Remember when we went to Disney with Dad during Christmastime?

Casey Orr said...

I love all of your outfits, Melanie! Maybe you should start a fashion blog. I showed your blog to my class and they loved all the pictures!