Friday, November 12, 2010

It's been so long...

So... I uploaded these pictures like 3 days ago and then forgot that I was in the middle of a blog till just now haha. I've been horrible about blogging these past few weeks. Time has ben flying by and I keep forgetting about it. Here are a bunch of pictures to make up for it.

A week ago (or maybe more... I can't remember) we took all the kindergarten kids to Michinoku Park. You have to pay to get in and it's AWESOME! Below is a picture of the most fun part of the park. It's this giant bouncy donut that the kids can run and jump on. I don't know why but it is so fun! We were playing tag on it and the kids were falling all over the place and just cracking up.

I thought this picture was funny of one of the teachers playing with my kids.

After the bouncy donut we went to this ball room that was just a bunch of balls in a bouncy pit. The kids had a lot of fun playing in it... I think this picture is kind of blurry but I didn't realize till just now.

These big balls were like swings that you straddle. When you swing on them you start hitting all the other balls (or children on the balls) and the kids thought it was so fun!

There were also the bouncy balls with nets over them. So to sum up Michinoku park it's a bunch of balls and things you jump on. Pretty much the best park ever.

Later that week was the 100th day of school. Don't my kids look cute in their 100 day outfits? When school started we set the timer for 100 minutes and on the 100th minute of school we started our 100 day party. The kids got to collect 100 snacks, give 100 high fives, jump 100 times, etc. It was pretty funny.

That weekend was Friend's Club Jamboree. Below was my favorite costume of the night. I give you... Michael Jackson.

The school has like 100 costumes that the teacher's get to choose from. Below you will find a lady bug and an ace of spades. Both of which are extremely flattering.

Then the next day Ally, Kelsey, and I had an elf day celebration. In other words we watched the movie Elf. We decided to make spaghetti and put maple syrup on it a la Elf. I'm not gonna lie... it was goooood.


JENNY said...

That bouncy park looks amazing. I want to go! Jude would love it.

You look really skinny.

Love and miss you!

Anonymous said...

OOOOHH! The spaghetti looks disgusting! But the park looks fun. I think they have the best parks in Japan! Love you, Mom

Aspiring Kennedy said...

i agree with jenny... you do look skinny. maybe it's the ladybug outfit. i dont know.

will you send me michael jackson autograph? k?thnx..