Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Program

Sorry for the lack of blogging! It's been a busy couple of weeks getting prepared for the Christmas Program. This past Sunday we had our program... Takamori Kindergarten in the morning (that's my campus) and Mauryama kindergarten after lunch. We worked both and so we were at work from 8 till about 8. It was pretty fun though and so the time went pretty fast.

Below is a video of all the Takamori Kindergarten classes singing O Holy Night. My class is on the far left. I've never uploaded a video before so hopefully this works! I would try to upload more but this is already taking forever!

Last weekend we had a cookie exchange with all the teachers. Everyone made a batch of cookies and then we each got one cookie from every batch along with recipes to take home. There were probably 20-30 different kinds of cookies at the party. I took so many home and then ended up throwing them away in the morning because it was too much temptation to eat (don't tell the other teachers :)).

This post is kind of random but I have a few countdowns to share.

14 days till I'm in Europe - guess I better start making some kind of Itinerary!
102 days till my last day of work
103 days till I leave Japan and go to Hong Kong
108 days till I arrive in America

Time is flying by here and yet it seems like 3 months is pretty long till I'm home! Now I just need to line up a job for next year!! Wish me luck!

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JENNY said...

Cute!! Videos do take FOREVER to upload. It's kind of annoying.

Yum! I bet there were a lot of really good cookies at the party. I would have had to throw them away, too.