Friday, June 13, 2008


Man, it's been a while since I last posted! Sorry about that. 2 reasons: busy, and no good stories. I still don't have anything insightful or interesting to say but I'll try. 
I'm about to head out to a wedding in Arkansas with my parents for one of our family friends. My mom took our dogs to the kennel today and we found out that what we thought was going to be a $30 charge each for the weekend was a lie and it is now going to be $65. I was pretty angry because that is expensive for 2 nights. I also got my dress back from the cleaners and it shrunk. Like a lot. It was the dress I wore to Melissa's wedding and I was planning on wearing it in Casey's. I'm going back on Monday to see if they can give me money for it because it wasn't cheap.

Anyways on a lighter note summer school started monday. It is over in 2 weeks so it has gone by pretty fast. I have two 13 year olds in my class. Can you believe it!! The ages go from 9 to 13 in my class. Huge age difference but we're working with it. One of the teens the other day was being annoying when we were reading aloud so I gave him a look like "if you don't stop I'm going to get you but I'm not really mad at you" and then he goes, "Wow Ms. Fullerton you are looking exceptionally good today. Did you do something to your hair?" Such a little suck up but I couldn't help but laugh because that was a good try. 

One of my students (9 year old) cried today because he thought he was in trouble. And he wasn't. He mistook something I said as a punishment and started crying. Whoops. I really don't know how he thought he was in trouble though. Oh well. 

Update on Jovi: Cute still. Peed on me last week. Like literally was laying on me and sat up and peed on my stomach. So nasty. I screamed and spanked her. This is completely unusual for a dog to do and is not a good sign. Though she did make her first break through in potty training. Finally!!! Here is what happened: I leave her in the bathroom during work if I know I will be gone till that evening. Somehow on Tuesday the door must have not gotten shut all day and she got out. She roamed the whole upstairs and somehow found a ball of yarn and dragged it everywhere. But after walking around the entire upstairs for some time I realized that she didn't ever pee up there. She went back to her spot in the bathroom each time. So she is still peeing in the house but at least she realizes there is a certain spot. Anyways she has also learned to sit. Next up: Down and Come. 

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JENNY said...

I still can't believe she peed on you. Gross!