Thursday, May 15, 2008


I'm having China withdrawals! I want to go back so bad and this summer it is just not possible. I'm hoping to go next summer but that seems so far away! So I decided to make a post about my China experience.

If anyone read my old China blog then you have probablly already heard this stuff but oh well too bad. Last June Ally and I arrived in China for the best summer of our lives! We ate lots of Chinese food, pastries, and then we walked everywhere. People say you lose weight in China because the food is so nasty. We loved the food. Luckily since we walked all the time at least we didn't gain weight but we definitely didn't lose it since we ate bread and dessert every night for dinner :)

Anyways here are some of my Top Fourteen memories. In no certain order.
1) Every day when we walked to school creepy men would say, "oooo hallooo" to us. Then we would say Ny Hoa and they would giggle. If we were really lucky they would stroke our arms. oo la la. Yummy. They love American woman over there. It really doesn't matter what you look like they think you are beautiful.
2) The day we rode our bikes for the first time. Click here to read the story. It is about 3 paragraphs down on the page.
3) Sun. That was one of my student's names. He was hilarious! And I mean this in the weirdest sense possible. Whenever he had a question he would run up and press his body against mine and yell the question at me. When this first happened I jumped back and almost burst out laughing. Then he would give me the peace sign constantly which was awesome. He also had a habit of scratching his butt. You know I lauged at that alot.
4) One day something smelled horrible in class. And all the kids starting going, "ewww sick who farted. Gross!!" And I mean it really smelled nasty. All of a sudden this little girl just burst out crying. It was kind of funny because she could have played it off and not said anything but now everyone knew it was her.
5) Forbidden City. Worst day of my life. Funny now to think about. Click here if you wish to read it.
6) Pearl Market. Pretty much enough said. I never knew I liked pearls so much until I could buy a real strand for $4. Needless to say we shopped a lot in China.
7) The day our Air Condition went out in our 7th floor apartment. Right after we had walked 30 minutes home and then climbed 7 flights to our apartment. We were dying. Luckily Tim, our boss, fixed it for us.
8) $10/hour massages. They even massaged our butts. And it was good.
9) Chinese men wanting to take pictures with us for no reason. Especially when we were wearing our pointy hats.
10) Talking in Mexican accents with Ally for half the trip. Still not sure why people kept giving us weird looks.
11) The friends we made in the market while bargaining.
12) Dancing to "Beat it" by Michael Jackson while playing the bongo every morning and evening.
13) My kids thinking that Dr. Pepper on our noun worksheet was a person. I kept getting things like, "Dr. Pepper is funny. Dr. Pepper is kind. Dr. Pepper likes to eat." I finally figured it out near the end what they were doing.
14) My kids writing things like, "My blood type is O. Eye: My eye is as deep as the black sea. Height: I am as tall as a cello. Foot: My foot is big as bear's. Hand: My hand is strong like giant. I love myself" on their auto biography's.

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