Thursday, July 10, 2008


Ok sorry everyone. I know it has been another month in between posts! Now that summer is here really nothing exciting has happened. I sleep in, watch tv, eat meals. That's about it. Living the dream! 

Well I just got back from a mini road trip! Last Thursday I spent the night in Abilene and then I picked up my sis Cara and we drove to Houston for the weekend to see Jenny and Chris. We cooked, watched movies, shopped and just caught up on everything. It was pretty fun but that six hour drive is not fun! When we got back to Abilene I stayed on Sunday night with Casey and then had so much fun that I decided to stay Monday night with Ally. haha I decided I miss the easy lifestyle of Abilene. Really there is nothing to do and no one has money to spend anyways and so you just sit around and hang out with your friends visiting. I love doing stuff like that because you always end up with really good friendships. I also miss all my friends that still live in Abilene but college is over so time to move on from Abilene. I decided that I am just restless in Dallas because I want it to be a temporary thing before I move abroad for awhile and so far there is no end in sight. Oh well at least I am having fun here while it lasts. 

Anyways it looks like moving plans are moving along and the girls have to be out of there house probably by August 12th so tomorrow Kyla and I are off to look at some apartment complexes. I'm so excited to move and have my own place and to finally feel settled. I never really had everything completely organized here because I thought I wouldn't be here this long. This will finally feel a little bit more permanent even if it only lasts a year! I also am starting a new project. I'm taking my bookshelf from my college room and I am painting it green. It is called crushed oregano and is a really pretty shade. Then I am painting the inside (but just the back) a dark brown. Then I am distressing it. I think it will turn out cool. At least I hope so! I bought the paint today and I will start tomorrow morning while it is still cool outside. I also picked up my headboard today. My first piece of brand new furniture that I purchased. Pretty exciting! Plus it was 50% off. Even more exciting!

So there is the update on my life. I will try to blog better and come up with some more interesting stories. I'm sure I have something if I dig deep! 

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JENNY said...

Your book shelf sounds like it's going to be really cute. I love the colors you chose.

Thanks for making the long drive to Houston. I had fun with ya'll here.