Sunday, January 30, 2011


So I forgot that I started this post like 2 weeks ago and then never finished or posted it haha. Thanks to Grammy for reminding me of that today!

So Roma... here it goes.

January 5th - The days started off with our alarm going off at 2:45 so we could make it to our very early morning flight. Our taxi driver actually dropped us off at the wrong terminal that morning... the one he dropped us off at wasn't even open!! So Kelsey and I left our luggage and walked over to the other one to see if he happened to be wrong. He was haha, good thing we checked!
When we got to our hostel we realized that we booked an Asian hostel haha. It was decked out in Asian decor and Asians owned it... Asians named Lorenzo that is. I don't think I can fully express on here how hilarious our hostel owner was. When we were paying for our stay we accidentally gave him like $10 extra. Instead of just handing it back he was like freaking out so concerned, "Why YOU pay MO! I GOOD people!"(*Asian accent) Over and over again. We were doing our best not to laugh. He then spent about 30 minutes showing us a map of the city and telling us where we were allowed and not allowed to go. Once we got to our hostel it was about lunch time so we just checked in and headed back out. He then followed us out the door and was like, "Wait where you go?" He was pretty concerned about us.

We then went to lunch where in very stereotypical Italian fashion our waiter was a major flirt. He was trying to play Kelsey like nobody's business. He kept kissing her hand and forehead, smelling her hair, asking her out for that night, telling her she had a beautiful face... and nose. We were quite entertained to say the least. Kelsey was doing a good job playing it off and just laughing with us but when we were waiting for our ticket he came up and grabbed her face and stared into her eyes for seriously a full minute while she looked away awkwardly... finally she broke the silence with, "where do we pay?" Naturally we all cracked up because it was so awkward after that.
Anyways after that we went to the trevi fountain, spanish steps, shopping, dinner and bed at 8:30 after our early morning wake up call. Pictures follow...

This guy would not leave me alone trying to sell me a flower. He kept saying it was free but I know that trick :) As I kept refusing and refusing he all of a sudden just jumped in my picture hahaha.
This picture shows how close our hostel was to the coliseum. It was a great location!

January 6th: The day started out with breakfast in our room brought by Lorenzo himself. When we were walking out I told him we wouldn't need breakfast the next day because we were leaving so early so he put a to go breakfast in our room that night so we could eat in the morning. So nice! He also left us a little note to remember him by. This was after many questions of where we were going and what we were doing. After that we headed to the coliseum where we basically just went inside and took a bunch of pictures. It was cool to see the inside!

After that we took the subway to the vatican. It was so crowded we had to get on different subways. Worst subway system ever but it got us to our destination! When we got to vatican city we were talking about food and how it was sad that it was our last day of good food till America. So we decided to eat as much as possible on our last day to fulfill us for the next couple of months. And boy did we eat!! It started off with breakfast, then we got a giant donut to split at the vatican... like maybe 10 inches in diameter. Then we sat down for some pizza at like 11:00... early lunch? I don't know we didn't call anything a meal bc we just never stopped eating.

The vatican line was ridiculously long so we just took some pictures and got gelato. About an hour and a half later we got gelato again. Then Ally and I split a panini (I forget what the other girls ate) at around 6 pm. THEN we sat down for dinner... I was only able to eat a little bruschetta because I was so full but the other girls got a full meal... then we had dessert. It was quite the day!

I'll leave you with a picture of Logan reading the Japan Times before getting on our flight... Just catching up on all the current news in Japan :).

P.S. 44 days till I'm in America!

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JENNY said...

Lorenzo sounds funny! And, that waiter sounds ridiculous! haha. Glad y'all had fun.

Oh, and that food sounded amazing!!!