Sunday, January 30, 2011


OK I'm finally getting around to blogging about Stop Number 3: Barcelona.

Janauary 2nd:
The morning of the 2nd we woke up early and flew to barcelona. We got there sometime after lunch and by then I most definitely had the flu. I stayed in that afternoon and then decided to get up and go to dinner. Unfortunately that just made me feel even worse. So the 2nd wasn't too much fun for me. Our room (pictured below) smelled pretty nasty.... luckily ally had brought some travel febreeze and we may have used the whole bottle in a matter of 2 days. Also, our towels smelled like cigarettes.

January 3rd:
Stayed in bed pretty much all day trying to get better. I won't go into details of the sickness because I'm pretty sure everyone reading this has been sick before and knows what it's like :). I did get up at one point and go across the street to the market to buy something to eat. Crackers and sprite thank you! Basically the highlights of my day are as follows: finished two books, maid knocked on my door OVER and OVER and I kept telling her no please I'm sick but there was a language barrier... she finally left after the 3rd or 4th try. Our neighbors were two creepy looking men and our bathrooms shared a VERY thin wall. At one point a girl came up and they took a shower together and I got to listen to that. Then later on that night one of them came up to go poop for like 5 minutes and I got to listen to some unfortunate noises with that one. As you can see I had quite the eventful day.

January 4th:
YAY! I finally feel well again! That day the weather was so nice that I didn't wear my coat. I did get a little chilly though and ended up buying a zip up hoodie to wear haha. That morning we headed over to Sagrada familia and spent a couple of hours there thanks to the English headsets we got. It was pretty cool to listen to everything about how it was built and designed. Here are some pictures:

Then we headed over to the Picasso museum. The girls had tried both days before to go without me because I'm not really into picasso but it was closed both days. After that we ate at Hard Rock... mainly because a) I remember going there last time I was in Barcelona and b) we always eat there when we are in Tokyo. I'm not even sure if I've ever been to a Hard Rock in America.

As we were heading home we came across this little beauty:
That would be a gigantic vending machine in case you were wondering. Anything from an entire bottle of orange juice to feminine products to medicine. Basically a mini grocery store.

Also, when we got to the subway there was a little band playing and people dancing in the subway terminal.... only in Barcelona! Kelsey got her groove on with an old guy. It was pretty funny. A really creepy looking guy asked me to dance and I'm sure you'll all be surprised to hear that I said no. I just video taped and took pictures.

And that was pretty much the end of Barcelona. The next morning we had to leave at 3 am to get to Rome so we tried to go to bed early that night. Unfortunately, I was only able to enjoy Barcelona one day so if anyone wants to go back with me sometime I wouldn't hate it :)!

Next post: Roma!

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