Saturday, May 30, 2009

Summer Time!

Well I've had a busy last week which has kept me from updating!

Last weekend I went to Seattle with my friend Blair. We got there Saturday morning and stayed until Tuesday. We had such a great time! The weather was perfect... not a cloud in sight once! We loved the Pike Place Market and everything about Downtown. On Monday evening we went to go see this big folk festival called Folk Life. We were both looking forward to hearing some good Seattle folk music but it was not what we thought it would be. The main group was screaming instead of singing. There were a lot of local singers on the side and we heard some pretty nasty lyrics. It was great people watching though.
On Tuesday we had our interviews for Japan! Blair had hers early morning and I had mine in the afternoon. I think it went really well. She told Blair that she would contact her in 2 weeks. She told me very soon. So I guess 2 weeks is very soon to her. I'm anxiously waiting to hear back!

When I got back it was a whirl wind of a last week of school. The kids were super hyper but we had a lot of fun activities planned. On Thursday it was field day. One of my students challenged me to the 50 yard dash even though I was wearing flip flops. He beat me... barely :). So I challenged him to a rematch. He beat me again. I also got to play in the baton race, ping pong blow, javelin through, 3 legged race, and water balloon toss. I think the kids thought it was hilarious that I played so many of the games with them.

Friday was our last day of school! It was kind of bittersweet. Excitement for summer but also sad that I won't be teaching there next year most likely. We did get to go to the after school swim party which was awesome and then Kyla and I went out with our coworker Chaz for one last hurrah.

Update on summer: I will now be teaching summer school! I taught last year and it was pretty fun. Other than the fact that I now don't get to sleep in for the next month it is easy and they pay you well plus it's only from 9-12. I will be co-teaching with one of my teacher friends and I'm pretty excited about that. So now I'm just looking for a job after that. If you have any leads let me know!

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