Monday, May 18, 2009

A Post in Pictures

Today I told my kids I was going to take some pictures of them at recess for their scrapbooks. I specifically asked them not to pose and just to go on playing. Of course most of them didn't listen. Here is what I got:

This is them playing Star Wars. Hunter caught me taking their picture and put bunny ears on Grant. A kid after my own heart.

This is Ryan. He likes to throw out Star Wars poses.

Here's Hunter again. He got stuck. I took a picture of it.

This is Grant. He likes to throw up the peace sign.

This is Will. He really likes to pose and paid no attention to my request of no posing.

See what I mean? So hilarious!

This weekend my parents and I went to Houston for Jenny and Chris' baby shower. We had a great time and Jenny got tons of cute stuff! Here is a picture of me with the future parents at dinner one night.

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JENNY said...

haha! Those are great pictures of your kids. Thanks again for coming down here!!