Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Many Exciting Things!

Many exciting things happened today and I feel the need to blog about it.

Number 1: We had a HUGE earthquake today at school. Magnitude was 7.2 which is pretty dang big. The news said that because of the earthquake a tsunami is now coming to the east coast. Here is a link to read about it on CNN. Says they could feel it all the way in Tokyo which is over 250 miles away. It shook for about 2-3 minutes. I was singing graduation songs with my kids and during the middle of a song I stopped and said, "Is this an earthquake?" Then all the kids stopped and we crouched down and had our very first earthquake at school... it just had to be the largest one too!

Number 2: Today I had a parent/teacher conference with one of my student's mothers. She was so cute and kept talking about how sad she was that I'm leaving. She even got teary eyed and asked me to please come back and teach here again. She said she notices how her son always gets very close to my face when he talks to me. Apparantly he comes home and talks about how "beautiful" and "cute" I am every day. Then she said "I wish my son was older because I would want you to be his bride" hahahaha So then I started cracking up and she did too and she said, "Now I'm all sweaty because maybe I shouldn't have said that" hahaha. I could not stop laughing and blushing because I was so embarrassed. If only he was 20 years older... jk.

Number 3: On a sad note, my external hard drive decided to break today thus, losing all my pictures from college, china, post college, and many pictures from Japan. I hate technology. I'm praying that it will come back to life. After all my computer from college broke and I lost all my pictures from college. Then almost 2 years later it came back to life and I recovered them. Technology miracles can happen!

Number 4: I come home 3 weeks from tomorrow!!!

Number 5: Today I decided to try Shirataki noodles. Those are the noodles that are in many asian soups... not to be confused with rice or ramen noodles. I was reading some recipes the other night (my usual nightly ritual) and came across shirataki noodles. Apparantly they only have about 20 calories for a 4 oz serving. So I decided I better like these and be able to substitute in pasta dishes. At first I was unsure then I took a giant bite and almost vomited it up because the texture was so chewy and disgusting. If I hadn't been eating lunch with a Japanese person I would have spit it out and maybe up chucked. Instead I swallowed and threw the rest away. Tonight, I made a new recipe using them for lunch tomorrow so I'll let you know how go number two goes. Hopefully much better. I'm determined to like them even if they do smell like fish.


Melissa said...

Only 3 more weeks until I get to see you! Too bad your little admirer is underage! :)

sandra pierson said...

Praying for you, Melanie, as you leave Japan on something on a sad note...with the devastating effects of the Tsunami behind you. Praying especially for the Japanese people who have lost so much in recent days. May God bless you and use you during these last days in Sendai.