Saturday, October 16, 2010

Animal Day

This week we had Animal Day! Basically that means all the K5 kids (and teachers) dress up as animals for the day. It was so cute and hilarious. We sang songs to the animals at school (weird and funny), we ate candy corn since mice eat corn, and we went on a hayride. It was quite the day. Back in August when I went home I knew about this day and so I brought back my penguin costume from sing song a few years ago. Since I teach the Penguins class I thought it was fitting. A lot of the parents drop their kids off on special days to take pictures and videos and they were all cracking up at me.

Here is a class picture in front of the barn. The shadows are blocking it a bit but you get the idea. I was a little disappointed that some of my kids only came with things like cat ears on but there were some pretty good costumes. You might be thinking, "what is that kid supposed to be with the cape and wizards hat on?" Oh that's just mickey mouse of course.

Here is Mickey Mouse again with my favorite costume of the day, horse. This kid was so hilarious... he kept picking the horse's nose and all the kids thought it was SO funny!

One of my kids, Kevin, wanted to take a picture with my camera and he proceeded to pose us in this awesome pose. In the front is Candace, one of our new teachers. He kept making her scoot over so her ears weren't blocking anyone and he made me get in the back hahaha.

And then of course I had to show one picture with the other K5 teacher. a) She is a dolphin (Dolphin's class teacher) b) I made her do that pose c) she didn't hate it and d) everyone thought she was a butterfly.

On another note, tomorrow is Open House so I've had a pretty busy weekend. We had to go help at the other campus' open house today and it turned out pretty good. I will be teaching English, doing stations, playing games, and eating lunch with my kids and their parents tomorrow. Once again I have the most parents coming... I like to think it's because I'm so popular. Should be an exciting day!


JENNY said...

haha! That horse is hilarious. And, I though Kelsey looked like a butterfly, too. ha.

Anonymous said...

They are all so cute! Love the horse. Your penguin costume was great. And sorry to say but Kelsie does look like a cute butterfly.