Wednesday, February 3, 2010

First Day in Japan

Hi everybody,

We finally made it to Sendai! Tuesday morning I flew out from DFW at noon. 13 hours later we arrived in Tokyo and a 6 hour bus trip later we arrived in Sendai. I got to my apartment at 1 in the morning Thursday and fell right into bed. Unfortunately my heater chose not to work last night and so I pretty much froze to death under my bed. The vent is pointed right at my head too so that didn't help. This morning I started pushing all the buttons on the heaters remote. I had no idea what they did but it couldn't get any colder and miraculously the heat turned on!

Thursday (today) we left our apartments at 11:00 to go eat lunch and it was pretty good. I ordered Doria which is basically rice with spaghetti meat sauce on top. We then went to the immigration office to register as aliens and get our health insurance. After that we met up with Melissa who took us on a tour of our campus. Our campus is beautiful but I didn't get any good pictures so that will come later. We will see the other campus next week. Right now we have a small break before dinner with the other teachers and volleyball. Now, those of you who know my sport skills would know that volleyball is my absolute worst. Have I ever made the ball over the net? No. Have I ever hit the ball and it went towards the net? No. It usually goes behind me. So... if I actually play or if I even make it that far into the night is debatable at this point. I have only slept about 6 1/2 hours in the past 48 hours so I'm not exactly at my most energetic right now.

Everything has been great and exciting so far! Tomorrow we go to the bank to set up our account and that is pretty much all I know at this point!



Beth said...

Sounds like a great first day! Take care of your shoulder. Love you!

JENNY said...

Oh come are awesome at volleyball. We all know it. ha.

Glad your first day went well. Your dinner sounded good. Love you!

Anonymous said...

I miss you sounds fun don't have to much fun without me

Your bff and favorite cousin Jordan

Catie said...

Glad to hear you made it safely!!! Love it that your back on your blog! Can't wait to hear all about life in Japan! Miss you!

Topher said...

Play backwards, then you'll hit it towards the net.

Jordan, I thought we were bff, but whatev.

Kyla said...

so happy you are there and having fun! love the pics! everyone at school keeps asking about you. we miss ya!


Anonymous said...

You slept on a bed?