Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ok I really am trying to get back into blogging. I guess compared to a two month absence a two week break isn't too bad!

Last weekend I went with Casey to get her bridal pictures taken! She looked so pretty and I still can't believe she is getting married in just 2 short months. We also spent all weekend eating really nasty and then doing yoga. My body was actually sore afterwards though.

The weekend before that I took Friday off and Stephanie came into town. We went to Canton on Friday. We saw this man in a motorized wheel chair with a wagon tied to the back and his wife was sitting in a chair in the wagon while he was wheeling them around. It was awesome. Then on Saturday night we went to the fair with our friend Kyle. We saw a pig race, Kyle ate a fried truffle and a fried snickers which we tried (not horrible actually), I rode my first upside down ride and screamed. It was pretty eventful. On Sunday we tried to go to an Eastern Orthodox church for a project Stephanie is doing. When we drove up all the women who were walking inside were either wearing skirts down to the ankle or head coverings or both. So we decided we were inappropriately dressed and left!

To leave ya'll with something funny: One of my student's loves whisper sweet nothings to people. Here is what he said yesterday. Keep in mind this was just in confines of one day and it happens every day.
"Hello Sweetie"
"You're a superstar Ms. Fullerton"
"Hot mama"
"You are my darling little muffin"
"You're hot Ms. Fullerton"
"You look quite lovely"
So to sum things up, if you ever need a good laugh or even a small ego boost you can join me for the day in my class.


JENNY said...

Your student sounds hilarious. haha!

I've tried a fried oreo before and actually liked it.

Leah said...

haha i always share your student comments with my law friends...we all love them

Catie said...

Melanie! Update your blog!

Ashley said...

Hey! Tell your kids mom that as of right now they are all available! :)Let me know if she has more questions!

Anonymous said...

i tried fried cookie dough at the fair and it was good